Craft Media Cast International (CMCI) is a wiki founded by AngrydroidForce99 in September 2015.



Its origins were on the Minecraft Fanon wiki, where Angry found an interesting series called "Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither." He wanted to create a similar series, later, he contacted the creator of the series on his wiki, the SM64 Fanon Wiki. Then, CMCI was born.

Incidents with TrollpastaEdit

One day, Angry went to the Trollpasta wiki. When the CMCI Wiki was founded, that's when things started to get messed up. Angry thought that the users on the Trollpasta wiki were harassing people (they weren't however). He reported them to staff, this is when he found out this isn't the first time this happened. He met a user named "TheDarkMaster99." TDM99 made a sock account called "WarOnSG" and advertised his "War on SG wiki" which was a bit like Uncyclopedia. Dark was chatting with TheFallenNinja, a good friend of Angry, and joked about threatening to shut down the CMCI wiki. When Ninja told Angry, Angry thought it was real and deleted all pages related to the Trollpasta incident. This led to the WarOnSG wiki getting shut down and the WarOnSG account getting banned on both Trollpasta and CMCI, as it caused trouble for both wikis. Dark (again, joking) said that he was actually going to try to get CMCI shut down. Later, the so-called "war" died down. Later, Angry created several blogs on CC that got huge amounts of attention because some people thought they were trying to make Trollpasta look bad, after they were considered irrelevant, Angry told Josephyr to delete one. Then, the "war" was finally over after several months.